Burger in the Kitchen - PITFIRE

Pit Fire is a place where high quality ingredients are a priority and service standards meet those of the best place in Bali. Their brand bring a new twist to an American comfort food favorite: Mac N Cheese. At Pit Fire, we’ve combined the best mac n’ cheese recipes with our own delicious signature creations. Come and try our new Mac N Cheese menu selections: 💥 Mac N Cheese Smoked Brisket 💥 Mac N Cheese Pork Belly 💥 Mac N Cheese Chicken Pop 💥 Mac N Cheese Bacon just a click away @gofoodindonesia @grabfoodid for you to order your favorite smokey burgers and get it delivered at your doorstep 🌹


Mariah Sutrisna

11/17/20220 min read

So many local restaurants serving classic American cuisine offer hamburgers on their menu. Luckily for me, I get to try more burgers than ever before. One recent lunch took me to PITFIRE. I am pleased to share that I was not disappointed. Their Burger met all my taste expectations with two patties - a mixture of 70/30 ground beef - simply prepared and topped with American cheese. Taking a bite of the meat alone brought me to my happy burger place. The cheese could have been placed on the burger as it was cooking to provide better melting; however, that corrected itself as I ate the burger. It's all about the meat! A side of fries accompanying the burger were freshly cut thinner the right amount of salt and pepper, along with a crunchier texture and tender middle. Service was attentive.

I was enjoying my meal. I look forward to future burgers at PITFIRE .Cheers to Eating More Burgers!